Welcome to Kustom Kush Education and Outreach Page

Our company's focus is to provide premium cannabis products, provide exceptional customer service and provide new customers education and recommendations for our products.
Born and raised in New Mexico, our company is deeply rooted in the community, but not only as business owners, but as residents too. With this connection, our company feels an obligation to make sure that the sales and usage of cannabis is good for the communities we live in. Our company participates in community outreach events and is focused on helping revitalize out economy by providing job opportunities for any person wanting to enter into the cannabis industry by joining our team. For open positions, visit our employment page. Our staff has been trained and hold Dispensary Technician Certifications. The education they have received covers 13 cannabis concentration areas as follows:

101: The History of Marijuana as Medicinal Drug

102: Dispensary Operations

103: Dispensary Technician-Definition and Role

104: Dispensary Technician Responsibilities

105: Dispensary Policies and Procedures

106: Patient Care

107: Patient/Customer Education

108: Medical Conditions and Cannabinoids

109: Managing the Patient Experience

110: Medical Cannabis Types

111: Inventory

112: Recordkeeping

113: Business Management

Community Partnerships:

At Kustom Kush, we sponsor the following organizations. We provide assistance to the following organizations:
Community Based

  • Joy Junction focusing on providing meals to families in need and volunteering at charity events.
  • Domestic Violence Resource Center: Helping victims of domestic violence with clothing, household products and participating in charity events as needed.
  • New Mexico Cancer Society monetary donations and attending charity events as able

Women's Small Business Support:
If advertising, we will need permission from you to use your logos/information to advertise your goods/services etc.